Meta Brings New Automation To Small Business Advertising

Businesses are looking for ways to navigate platform and privacy changes while overcoming economic uncertainty. Now, Meta Advantage is getting new tools to help advertisers leverage the power of AI and automation, maximizing the performance of their ad spend. Following their earlier announcement, Meta is now introducing Advantage+ shopping campaigns to advertisers worldwide.

Small businesses can now use Meta’s Advantage+ advertising technologies when creating an ad through a Facebook page. Advantage+, Meta’s most advanced AI and automation offering for advertisers, was available only through full-fledged campaigns. It will now use when running single advertisements. Furthermore, Meta is upgrading Advantage+ to include new capabilities for shopping campaigns, app campaigns, and other features. Here is a summary of all Meta advertiser updates.

Advantage+ For Small Business Ads

Small businesses will also now be able to create ads through their Facebook Page using Advantage+ creative and Advantage audience. These tools allow them to learn which ad is performing the best while saving time and money. Advantage+ creative adjusts ad creative automatically for each person who views your ad. It allows you to show them the version of what they are most likely to respond to, resulting in better ad performance. Advantage audience builds a personalized audience based on your Page details and adjusts it automatically over time to help you reach more relevant people with your ad. When creating ads from their Facebook Page, small businesses can now use Advantage+ creative and Advantage audience.

Introducing Meta Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns

Meta Advantage+ can now assist advertisers running shopping campaigns in determining what works faster. Meta Advantage+ can generate up to 150 creative combinations at once by utilizing AI and automation technologies. Running numerous versions of ads at one time is intended to assist advertisers in quickly recognizing what is converting. Advertisers can make better use of their budgets with this information.

In a blog post, Meta states:

“In a study of 15 A/B tests, we discovered that Advantage+ shopping campaigns drove 12% lower cost per purchase conversion compared to advertisers’ Business as Usual (BAU) ads. With these savings, businesses can reinvest in their marketing strategies and drive customer acquisition and sales more efficiently.”

On August 15, Advantage+ shopping campaigns will be available to e-commerce and retail advertisers. Soon, businesses in the United States with a checkout-enabled Shop will be able to add their Shop as a destination for Advantage+ shopping campaigns.

Better Results For Advertisers?

It is no secret that when Apple allowed users to block trackers on iOS, Facebook’s ad targeting capabilities suffered significantly. As a result, Meta’s ad revenue growth started to slow. According to Meta’s most recent quarterly report, the company experienced its first-ever drop in ad revenue. Meta is under pressure to deliver better results in the coming quarter. Providing advanced targeting capabilities to small business advertisers may provide Meta with the necessary boost in the short term. The question is whether this solution will deliver advertisers long-term results. The coming quarterly report from Meta will be interesting because it will reveal whether or not advertisers are sold on Advantage+.

Updates To Meta Advantage+ App Campaigns

Meta is updating an existing Advantage+ solution with a series of updates. Advantage+ app campaigns are bringing the below updates:

  • Split testing capabilities
  • Better creative flexibility with asset pairing and improved stability
  • More granular reporting insights with the region and ad-level data
  • 7-day click attribution

Source: Meta

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