YouTube Adopts A Feature From TikTok: Reply To Comments With A Video

YouTube is adopting another TikTok-popular feature, allowing to respond to user comments with a short video.

YouTube’s new “comment stickers,” feature which is currently an experimental feature, are now only available to creators on iOS.

Responding to comments can help you maintain a regular publishing schedule while keeping your audience engaged if you want to expand your library of YouTube Shorts content.

Although comment stickers are similar to TikTok’s functionality, they fall short in some crucial ways. Here is everything you need to know about this new YouTube Shorts feature.

YouTube Comment Stickers – Presently In Limited Testing


YouTube’s test of comment stickers is currently limited in availability because it requires an iOS device.

When responding to comments on your long and short-form content, you’ll see an option to record a video if you have access to the feature.

The comment you are responding to will be overlaid on your video response like a sticker, which is why YouTube refers to them as comment stickers.

However, the features of YouTube’s test are limited because the comment sticker does not link back to the original author. Viewers will not be able to see the author’s channel name, avatar, or links to the actual comment.

Viewers will have no idea who left the comment or what video they were commenting on when they see a video with a comment sticker in their Shorts feed.

YouTube “hopes” to add this functionality in the future, but it doesn’t appear to be a high priority.

TikTok’s version of comment stickers links back to the original comment, which is convenient for viewers and can increase video views for creators.

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Perhaps in the future, YouTube will recognize the value of linking back to comments and make it a priority. As development continues, the company promises to provide more information about comment stickers.

Source: Creator Insider

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