Tips To Make Quality Facebook Video Ads That Drive Amazing Result

Today, the play button for a video is one of the best pleasing call-to-actions. Making video content can unlock entrances for your company in terms of higher sales when you use social media channels like Facebook as a part of your digital marketing strategy.

Facebook video ads

Facebook Marketing Mistakes

Facebook video ads are exactly the tool you require to be victorious. These ads are promotional content. These video plays in an in-stream while watching another video, viewer’s news feed, and stories.

Facebook paid promotion display your service or product in front of new audiences and can assist your organization’s overall video marketing strategy. You can make videos in Facebook’s native Ads Manager tool.

Before you start your video marketing campaign, follow these tips to create quality videos that bring the most video views and improve your brand awareness.

Catch attention in the first few seconds

The best thing about using Facebook for your video marketing, there is a large audience to reach. To reach your target audience, you have to make the video engaging enough that they like to convert from simple online viewers to real-life customers.

So, catching their attention in the first few seconds of your video is an essential point. When you create your Facebook video ad, try to make them adhere around by posing a query at the beginning, creating a hypothetical they can connect to, or showing them a thrilling teaser in the intro to indicate what is to arrive.

Quality Content

Why Informational Content Is Key to Effective Digital Strategy

Your video does not need to include everything about your business or brand but should have high-quality information in your ad to boost brand awareness and attract audiences to find more of what you offer.

Use Engaging Headline In Your Facebook Video Ads

A well-design headline for your ad is equally as impactful as good video content. Maintain things on brand, but also remember your goal is to bring people to play your video. Consider using a question in your headline or presenting a catchy tagline to your service or product. These headlines will seem above your Facebook video and should reiterate your product advantages or the worth you deliver.

Use Enticing Thumbnail For Facebook Video Ads

Use an attractive thumbnail or upload a custom image only when the video is not loading or auto-playing. Aside from the content, make sure your Facebook video grabs your audience’s attention before they even press play.

Pick a thumbnail for your Facebook video ad that catches the essence of your brand and could potentially prevent a user from scrolling via their news feed.

Add captions In Your Facebook Video Ads

Captioning is essential for your Facebook video ads. Whether it’s a watcher who is in a condition where they can’t play sound audibly or somebody who has a hearing problem, captions give your videos ads a broader viewership and present a more accessible message to the audience.

Use sound, but do not depend on it

If you’re attempting to fetch more eyes on your video ads, you’ll also need to include sound to grab the attention of viewers.

Adding sound to your video ad is the right way to keep your viewers engaged while also loaning a hand in your campaign messaging. Pick from royalty-free music to present your ad with a professional vibe, or craft your own using software that’s distinct to your brand uniqueness.

On Facebook, people watch around 85% of videos without audio. Hence do not make the sound a key component of your video ads.

Format your Video Properly

Make sure your videos are published in the proper format so that there are no formatting hiccups when watchers go to watch your video ad. Videos that seem in someones’ news feeds should be at a 4:5 aspect ratio, and videos in stories should be at an aspect ratio of 9:16.

Most people watch videos on phones and tablets, so provide your video in the correct aspect ratio to appear correctly on mobile devices.

Tell a story to illustrate your product or service benefits

Everybody likes a story. Delivering a narrative for your audience to track can keep people engaged while also presenting a case study for how your brand, service, or product works and help to solve problems in the real world.

You can also use a customer testimonial to present your message. Just be sure to contain a person or character the audience can identify. Make a short impressive storyline and convey a narrative your viewers can conne

Test different lengths of Video ads to see what works best for you

Altering the lengths of your Facebook video ads can give you a better understanding of which type of video your audience reacts to best. Discover which length videos get the most engagement, and you have an idea of how you can compose your future video ads to fulfill your audience’s interest.

Use CPM Bidding

CPM bidding lets you set target bids that accumulate after 1,000 impressions. CPM bidding doesn’t charge for clicks. It will charge just for the impression. When you create video ads, it doesn’t just end at the creative stage. You can use Facebook ads manager to optimize your Facebook video ad reach and utilize CPM bidding.

Don’t forget to use CTA (Call To Action)

You can do an excellent job presenting your brand, product, or service, but you still must tell them what you like them to do. Be sure to provide your watchers a directive, whether it’s visiting your business page, following you on a social media website, or making a purchase on your eCommerce website.

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