Google adds some new features for Discovery ad users

Google has announced some Discovery ad features. These features should help advertisers get ahead of the holiday season with new assets, reporting, and targeting. The new features are as follows:

Modern ad experiences

Discovery ads include many mobile layouts that users who check their content feeds daily are familiar with, such as product carousels, lead forms, and portrait layouts. Google says it will continue to improve these rich ad experiences, such as testing video ads on Discover to assist brands in crafting more meaningful consumer moments in a helpful, non-intrusive manner.

And, if you are a retailer gearing up for the busiest shopping season of the year, Google says that they know story-driven layouts add more value by encouraging customers to try something new. As a result, Google is looking into new ways to help you surprise and delight shoppers with more aspirational imagery and shorter text. Google says they are working on making ad experiences in the Gmail Social and Promotions tabs more navigable by including richer details like product images and prices. Machine learning is used here to match the right asset to the right audience at the right time, dynamically telling your most compelling story to potential customers in a bespoke content experience. 


Robust creative guidance

Google rebuilt its onboarding flow from the ground up to make the lift and shift of your assets and audiences more seamless and to help you craft more successful ads. More detailed asset guidance, such as prompts to add more aspect ratios or notable headlines, will appear during ad creation now. You can now add image assets with text overlays to help you deliver even more transparent calls to action. Discovery ads now supply even more of the same campaign insights as Google Ads. Get real-time feedback on the strength of your ads, with ratings ranging from “Poor” to “Excellent” to help you focus your budget on the assets that matter most.


Audience Insights

Google is pleased to announce that you can now use the Insights page to see which audience segments have the most significant impact on your business when using Discovery ads to connect with your ideal customer. Combine this with creative asset reporting tips to help you drive deeper engagement, and when you are ready, use optimized targeting to scale your reach to consumers who are likely to convert.

Once you have discovered the ideal formula for the most important audience segments, applying what you’ve learned becomes less manual—you can now use the Audience builder to create and reuse your audience strategy across campaigns. If you want to save time with your Discovery ads, Google Ads Editor and API are now available to help you manage your campaigns at scale.

What Google says: You can check here.

Final Words

Both new and experienced Discovery ad users should experiment with these features before going all in. Only you are aware of your target audiences and KPIs. Following Google Best Practices is the right place to start, but make adjustments as needed and consistently double-check auto-generated assets.

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