Google Announced December 2021 Product Reviews Update

Now Google will determine the websites with meaningful product reviews that can delight for their belief in the reason of great product reviews. Since reviews are the key point in assuring the buyers make the correct choice between competing products and help them select the most suitable product for their needs, budget, and much more. Now Google has updated how product reviews rank in search results.

On December 01, 2021, Google has announced the second product review update of the year – it is December 2021 product reviews update.

You can check here A tweet from Google Search Central about this update:

What Is The Latest Google Product Review Update?

This latest Google update is designed to promote better quality product reviews than compare thinner product review content. It aims to share best practices for product review based on the user experience and the feedback received over time. This update is a tail-end of the Nov 2021 core update that finished proceeding out the day before, on 30-11-2021. This update was more volatile than the April 2021 product reviews update, but there may be some caveats to that.

We think you should please note that Google told us that this product reviews update takes around three weeks to begin, and we are only now at the mid of week number two. So the data may vary, but generally, when Google starts these updates, the prevalence of the impact you would see from an update would be in the starting some days of that rollout.

This Google product reviews update aspires to promote review data that is above and beyond much of the templated information you catch on the web world. Google stated it help to promote these kinds of product reviews in its search results rankings.

Google is not directly penalizing lower-quality product reviews that have thin content outlines a bunch of products”. So, if you deliver such content and see your rankings downgraded because of other content promoted above yours, it will feel like a penalty. Technically, according to Google, it is not a penalty against your content. Google is just awarding websites with more suitable insightful review content by rankings above your website. Technically this Dec 2021 update should only impact product review content websites and not different types of content sites.

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What is the Previous advice on Google product reviews update?

The “focus overall is on delivering content that gives insightful analysis and authentic research. And content written by professionals or enthusiasts who know the topic competently,” Google told about this update. That is similar guidance to the core update suggestions mentioned above. But here is a list of “more useful queries to think in terms of product reviews.” Google suggests your product reviews shield these areas and answer these questions.

  • Discuss the benefits and pitfalls of a product, based on analysis into it?
  • Determinate key decision-making facets for the product’s category and how the product serves in those areas? 
  • Express professional knowledge about products where applicable.
  • Cover equivalent products to consider, or describe which products might be most suitable for uses or circumstances?
  • Explain how a product has grown from previous models or releases to deliver improvements, address problems, or help users make a purchase decision.
  • Present the product and explain how it is used with unique content.
  • Google even linked to its blog post from earlier this year named delivering better product information for buyers.
  • Deliver quantitative measurements regarding how a product reckons up in various categories of execution?
  • Clarify what sets a product asunder from its competitors?
  • Explain the main points of a product design and their impact on the users beyond what the manufacturer says?

Who will need to care?

If your site presents product review content, you will need to check your rankings to see the impact on your website. Did your Google organic traffic improve, drop, or remain the same? Now we think you need to put a lot more detail and effort into your product review content so that it is unique and stands out from the competition on the web.


If you have a website that writes product reviews, we think its likely more chances your website will be affected by the Google December 2021 Product Reviews update. Whether you see a positive or negative impact on your website rankings would depend on the quality of the product reviews.

Google will get more intelligent at catching spammy and lazy reviews with the help of this latest algorithm update. Our recommendation is to read Google’s authorized documentation and instructions for Product Review creators and concentrate on delivering honest reviews for your customers.

This update will be completed in three weeks, giving website owners time to enhance the quality of their reviews. We will keep you posted when we know more about the new December Product Reviews algorithm update.

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