YouTube Shorts Video Tips To Get Noticed

YouTube Shorts videos are 60-second videos that help you capture the audience’s attention more quickly and easily. These videos are mainly comedic but can also be informative or dramatic. YouTube Shorts is still in its early stages. As a result, it is a fantastic opportunity for content creators.

Are YouTube Shorts Videos Worth It?

It all depends on what you want to achieve. It can be beneficial if you’re trying to get your name out there and build brand recognition by doing something quick and easy. You’ll be able to connect with potential fans who are unfamiliar with you. It is always beneficial for any new YouTubers.

Why not, if you have the time and dedication to work on a longer-form project, such as a film or web series. But, if it’s something important, such as an album release or tour, stay away from YouTube shorts videos. These lose their usefulness at that point.

Tips For YouTube Shorts To Get Noticed

Make Your Shorts Vertical

Did you know you can make a square Short instead of a vertical one? We tried it a long time ago but would not recommend it. YouTube adds black bars to the top and bottom of a “square Short” video. It’s a little unattractive and not the best viewing experience. As a result, you should always post vertical Shorts that take up the entire screen.

Add Thumbnails to Your YouTube Shorts Videos

Thumbnails are crucial in determining whether or not a viewer will click on your YouTube Shorts. If you are a frequent YouTube user, you may have noticed that Shorts are in a vertical area, where they play automatically nonstop. So why should I bother making a thumbnail if it serves no purpose? You are correct. But, people watch YouTube Shorts as regular videos also. As a result, an attractive thumbnail is needed for your shorts to entice the user to view your short video.

Be Consistent

Whatever content you post on YouTube, You must be consistent with your uploads. Consistency will help you hook your audience, build brand recall, and thus make them addicted to your content.

It will enable you to outperform your competitors on YouTube. You’ll become a more prominent creator in the eyes of the YouTube audience, and they may even share your content with their social circles, assisting you with word-of-mouth marketing.

Use Catchy Titles

The titles of your YouTube Shorts are another crucial consideration to keep in mind if you want to capture the user’s attention. Your title should inform the viewer about the content you’ll provide in your short video. Don’t try to deceive the user with misleading titles; you’ll only lose their trust, which will lead to a loss of future engagement.


The recommended duration of the Shorts is up to 60 seconds or less, but you must understand that you are not required to use the entire minute duration. You need to only concentrate on delivering your message as succinctly as possible. Consider your audience’s time.

Make Valuable Shorts

You Shorts must be precise, brief, and, most importantly, valuable. If they do not provide value, people are not like to engage with your channel again. You will need to extract a view from the user. You will diminish all future chances of them subscribing to your channel and watching every single part of your content for an extended time. Select YouTube Shorts that are relevant to your niche and the content of your YouTube post. You can also use Shorts to introduce your new product or service, which can produce an exciting response from your viewers.

Use Pinned Comment

It’s not possible to recommend more videos to a Shorts viewer. The Shorts beta player does not support info cards or end screens which can increase your views. For the time being, take advantage of the ability to pin comments. Comment on your video, pin it to the top and include a link to other videos and playlists.


Hashtags are crucial with shorts, mainly the #shorts hashtag. Have this in your description and at the end of the title if it makes sense.

Perform SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization includes – everything from selecting the right keywords to adding appropriate subtitles and even renaming the original video file uploaded, which can help one’s videos rank higher. So, You need to perform the SEO task for your Short.

Make Emotional Content

Popular videos gain popularity because viewers only need to tell someone about them. That is how content spreads – through shareability. Make people laugh or cry so they will want to share your Shorts.

Identify Viewers Intent

What type of experience do people seek when they watch a Short? Viewers want to be entertained, inspired, taught, or all three, depending on your niche.

Final Words

To summarise, YouTube Shorts videos should be a part of everyone’s content strategy for reaching a larger audience and increasing brand awareness. Short-form video content helps present a new product in under a minute, teasing your video course, providing a sneak-peek into your industry solution, announcing an event, and so on. YouTube Shorts will be available on your channel in perpetuity. It means that the YouTube algorithm will regularly recommend them to viewers who are interested in your niche or channel.

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