Meta Shares Four Ranking Signals For Video on Facebook

Facebook aspires to be the best online destination for people to discover and enjoy videos. With that in mind, Meta shares four of the most important ranking signals that its algorithm employs to determine which videos on Facebook receive a widespread distribution. This post summarizes the best procedures tied to the most crucial signals to concentrate on for videos that succeed on Facebook. 

Meta summarises its video distribution strategy in a blog post:

“Facebook’s video ecosystem values original content and encourages intentional and loyal consumption. We want videos on our platform to be authentic, enduring, and entertaining, which can turn casual viewers into passionate fans.”

In other words, if you create original videos that viewers return to watch, your content will likely surfaced more frequently.

Here are the signals that have a significant influence on the distribution of videos:  

  • Originality
  • Audience retention
  • Audience loyalty
  • Engagement

In the following sections, you can read more about these ranking signals for videos on Facebook:


Original videos reflect the content creator’s distinct voice and value. These videos are unique and made distinctively. Original content distinguishes your account from others and influences the type of distribution and monetization. You can publish videos that have been written, shot, and edited by yourself or with the help of a production partner. You can significantly improve the content you are sourcing or licensing from others. Meta stresses that adding new information or humor to the content will increase its value. Also, you should avoid duplicate content in which you do not have any meaningful role.

Capture and Retain Attention

Videos that capture the audience’s attention and inspire people to watch until the end may receive more Facebook distribution. Retention is one of the indicators of how well the viewer gets the content. A slow and gradual drop in the audience retention graph can prove that the topic and structure of the video match well with what your market wants to see, whereas an early drop-off may indicate that the content is not what the audience predicted.

Meta highlights that you can improve retention in healthy, authentic ways by Concentrating on the structure of the video narrative. So make sure to keep your audience’s attention by designing the video

‘s opening, build-up, tension, pacing, and payoff to entertain them. Content should only be as long as necessary to be relatable, engaging, and keep the audience interested. You can also improve retention by building for on-the-go mobile viewing and enhancing product quality.

Loyalty and Intent

When people return to watch an account’s videos regularly, Meta interprets it as a strong positive signal for distribution. It is especially true when they notice that people actively seek out your content or search for it on video-first platforms such as Facebook Watch or directly on your account.

Meta underlines that you can encourage these behaviors in your videos by posting bonus content in between your regular posting cadences to stay connected with your viewer and keep them keen. You can utilize various formats like live videos, story reels, and links or photos. You can also do this by optimizing your content for Facebook search. Writing clear titles and descriptions for your posts, as well as adding a few relevant tags, are all part of optimizing content. It can increase the number of people who see your content through Search results and the suggested videos that Meta display to people in Feed and Facebook Watch.


Facebook favors content that sparks significant discussions and interactions between real people. Person-to-person interaction, such as a visitor sharing a video with a friend, can boost distribution even further. You can do this by inspiring people to have a meaningful and respectful discussion in the comments. It must happen in a way that is not spammy or gratuitous. Even though comments and reactions are ranking signals, creators should avoid engaging in bait tactics.

Negative Ranking Signals For Video On Facebook

If you want a large number of people to see your Facebook videos, Meta says you should avoid Engagement bait (Urging people to interact with content, such as writing captions like: like this post if you agree!), Watchbait (Intentionally withholding information to get viewers to watch to the end) and Clickbait (Luring viewers to click on a link for information intentionally omitted from the video). These tactics can reduce distribution but also put a video ineligible for monetization.


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