How can videos help you improve your web pages SERP ranking?

Videos are not only worthy for engaging your audience, but they are also valuable for improving your SERP ranking. But the question is, ho?

Video content has become an essential part of modern-day digital marketing in the last few years. Now almost every business includes video marketing in their business strategies for increasing sales and even engaging better with their audience. Videos have numerous benefits and support brands to achieve their goals in a shorter time.

With all the constant trends associated with video marketing, Google also does not want to stay behind. Google works in a well-thought-out algorithm. Thus, since people like to watch more videos, Google also tries to display their videos in SERPs.

Thus, videos perform well not only because they keep growing but also because they are recognized consistently. Hence, videos play a vital role in enhancing SERP ranking.

Now the question is, how do videos affect your SERP ranking?

Video marketing is not as straightforward as it may appear. You can’t expect traffic by just adding one video to your website. Videos take time to grow your ranking. Here are some of the methods by which videos can affect your SERP ranking.

Improve Your Website Click-Through Rate

When people search for information on Google, they mostly click on the results that contain video. Letting search engines know on the SERP that your site has a video can significantly increase click-through rates. If click-through rates increase, you will have a real option to drive a larger audience to your website.

website click through rate

Google upgrades its SERPs regularly to deliver users much more detailed data about sites and the content they contain.
This type of data is provided directly through rich results called rich snippets. These snippets allow viewers to analyze what they might find before clicking on a specific page. In short, videos are a great source of an element to add to your SEO to gain an online presence, drive traffic, generate leads, and ultimately grow your sales.

Reduce Your Website Bounce Rate

When new visitors analyze your website, it can be hard to persuade them to stay for such a short time. Videos are promising because the very character of video content describes audience engagement.

People are more like to use their time watching videos than compare to viewing images or reading text or. A study indicates that if a web page cannot have video content, people pay less than 2.6 times on it. It matters more when it comes to SEO.

If people spend more time on your website, it is more likely to be approved on popular search engines like Google. It can simultaneously support you build faith among your users while producing your brand’s credibility. Naturally, when users spend a fair amount of time watching your videos, they will want to know more about your brand.

So it will help your website to drop the bounce rate. Bounce rate is challenging for almost every marketer. With lots of options online, it is uncomplicated for users to get diverted within just a few seconds. However, you can tackle this factor by making videos with catchy introductions.

GMB (Google My Business) Listing

Google likes to believe in brands that make full use of Google My Business listings. It also rewards brands that do this with local pack spots. Local business listings with messages, images, and posts tended to rank higher than businesses that provided the least amount of information. You can only suppose what including a video can do in helping you earn your GMB listing placed in the local pack. It is an excellent method to remain ahead of your competitors.

In addition, combining visual information into your GMB listing is a unique way to help your audience understand your brand. The more latest videos and pictures are, the better clicks you can get. Additionally, visual content offers you maximal support in keeping your audience engaged. Simultaneously, Google monitors the overall interactions that may take place via your listings.

Enhanced Your Web Page Backlink Profile

People like to share valuable content. If you make engaging videos that captivate your audience, there is a high chance that they will share your video on their social media channels. It will expose your video content to a much wider audience.

So, as long as you make engaging and high-quality videos, there are more chances to get backlinks to the page that contains your videos. It is also good to host your videos on a third/party website like YouTube so that you can gain a grown number of backlinks. Also, this can help you obtain targeted traffic on your site.

Final Note

With enough evidence in the internet world, you can say that videos will continue to grow over time. The nature and popularity of videos make them a real game-changer in the current market. Many statistics have confirmed that people like watching videos rather than reading texts. Also, videos can help make healthy relationships with your audience. They not only allow brands to engage well with their audience but simultaneously support them expand their business.

Videos are excellent for getting your brand visibility. Therefore, investing your effort, time, and money in video marketing is undoubtedly worth it, especially if you want to secure rapid brand success. But, Make sure you research carefully before optimizing videos for SEO.

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