Google Search Console’s video indexing report is now available for everyone

Google Search Console now includes a new video indexing report for all users. People who use videos on their Pages can now see if the videos have been indexed or not.

About a month ago, Google initiated slowly rolling out the video index report within Google Search Console. Google announced the completion of the rollout on Twitter this morning.

Google wrote: 

“We have completed the rollout of the Search Console Video index report – if Google detects videos on your site, this report will appear on the left navigation bar in the coverage section. We hope this will help you understand how your videos perform on Search!”

Here is a screenshot of the Google announcement on Twitter:

video index report - google search central

What Is a Video Indexing Report?

The video indexing report displays the number of indexed pages on your site that contain one or more videos and the number of those pages where a video is indexed. According to Google, the report can help you understand the performance of your videos on Google and identify potential areas for improvement.

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When the Video Indexing Report Reveals

If Google detects videos on your site, the Video indexing report will appear in the coverage section on the left navigation bar. You will not see this report if Google has not detected a video on your website.

What It Informs You

The report displays the current status of video indexing on your website. It assists you in replying to the following queries:

  • How many pages has Google identified as having a video?
  • Which videos were successfully indexed?
  • What are the problems that prevent a video from being indexed?

If you fix an issue, you can use this report to validate the fix and track how these video pages are updated in the Google Search index, just like the old coverage report.

The video indexing report displays the number of indexed pages on your site. You will see the following data in the report.

  • How many indexed pages on your site where Google discovered one or more videos but cannot index any video, and info about why not?
  • How many indexed pages on your site contain a Google-indexed video and information about the indexed video?
  • This report does not include a count of unique videos on your site.
  • The report only covers the indexed pages. This report will not include pages that are not indexed for any reason (including being blocked or being a non-canonical page).

URL Inspection Tool For Video Pages

Google also improved the URL Inspection tool to allow you to check the status of a specific page’s video indexing. If Google detects a video on a page while inspecting it, the following results will appear:

  • Details like the video URL and thumbnail URL
  • The page status tells whether or not the video was indexed
  • A list of the problems that are averting the videos from being indexed.

Final Note

If you host or embed videos on your website, you should read this report to see if there are any ways to improve those videos or help other videos appear in Google Search. Videos are a crucial part of Google Search traffic and visibility.

Here is more information on this latest report from Google.

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