Some effective ideas for using Instagram Stories to promote business

More than a billion people worldwide are now using Instagram. Instagram is all about visual entertainment. Instagram has driven it very easy to take photos and share them with friends, and many individuals like doing this. This social media platform has a quality that lets users post images and videos that automatically disappear after twenty-four hours, taking this concept to an extreme with Stories. What you may not recognize is that if your entire Instagram marketing plan is according to the platform’s standard static posts, you are missing out on the best way. By leveraging the incredibly engaging power of Instagram stories, you can connect with your target audience, promote your business effectively, and boost your brand awareness.

Instagram Stories

With Instagram Stories, people can post videos and images that automatically disappear after a day. It motivates people to post more often and casually since Story’s ephemeral nature means there is no tension to create permanent posts.

Instagram has been lauded for the success of Stories, And while this feature is not original. Subsequently, all Instagram Stories are to Snapchat Stories, what Oreo cookies are to their Hydrox counterparts: The latter may contain come sooner, but the one-time is what most individuals understand and employ.

Soon after its 2016 release, Instagram’s Stories feature was dubbed a blatant ripoff of Snapchat Stories. Instead of dismissing the allegations, Instagram executives accepted the truth. In 2016, then-CEO Kevin Systrom told TechCrunch that Snapchat deserves all the credit. Then in 2017, Kevin Weil, the company’s product VP, said, If we are honest with ourselves, so does the tech industry.

Kudos to Snapchat Stories for existing the first, Weil moved on, but it is a form, and it is proceeding to adopt across various platforms. Finding out he was correct in November 2020, Twitter released its version of Stories named Fleets. Now, Instagram Stories are displayed prominently at the top of the app’s home page.

Apart from networking more efficiently, you can also use Instagram for marketing. Instagram is an excellent promotional tool to promote business online. Here are some most promising ideas for employing Instagram Stories to grow your business.

Product Demos

When it comes to marketing memorabilia, A little quirk can go a long way. The temporary qualities of Instagram Stories let you showcase your products in a unique light.

Bring Your Audience Behind The Scenes

You might be amazed at how curious people are when it comes to peeping behind the curtain. In an age where users are skeptical of traditional marketing, there is truthfulness about peeling your layers off and bringing your audience behind the scenes. It could be a time-lapse view of your stand at an industry event, a glimpse of your office gym, or a look at the nuts and bolts of your production line. To make your audience feel like insiders.

Live Blog Your Event

So you have determined to hold a seminar on whatever your area of ​​expertise is. Add to the spirit of the occasion and engage non-attendees by bringing them behind the scenes. Sure, it may be too late to add in viewership, but there is nothing quite like showing people a little FOMO to enable sign-ups the next time you’re promoting an event.

New Product Teaser

If you want to launch a new product soon, tease it with a story and let your most prominent followers promote it on your behalf.
First, create the buzz. Provide the hype machine. Give out one or two things about your product feature.

Promote Big Event

Do you want to host a conference or a webinar, Inviting your audience to a networking event? Then individuals require to learn about it. Instagram Stories provides you a platform for fetching the message loud and clear. No-fuss, no-frills. Just avoid being too salesy. After all, you like people to engage with your coming Stories, and they won’t if they predict a sales pitch.


News spreads like wildfire across social media. Huge piles of social commentary explode around the most delinquent stories in no time. Be part of the discussion. Suppose one of the most prominent stories of the day and discover a path to connect it to your service or product. Respond to industry growths. This type of guerrilla marketing done can turn your audience around.

Flash sales

Want to know an excellent method to reward your audience? Platform-specific flash sales on your products. Declaring too-good-to-miss offers via your Stories inspires your followers to pay razor-sharp awareness to the content you publish. But do not overdo it.

Questions and Answers sessions

A smooth edit of 10 to 15 minutes of Questions and Answers with the Business Owner adds the human touch. You could cut in a few pictures of your services or products to make sure the business message hits home.

Final Words

Instagram Stories offers you a new method to reach out to your audience, build belief and raze the traditional boundaries between customer and business. The key as ever is to maintain your content targeted audience-focused. Remain engaging, deliver worth and try to refrain from publishing too often. The most pleasing way to understand what works for you? Try experiment.

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