Tips To Build Your Brand Presence on Social Media

Branding on social media is all about going in front of your target people and talking effectively about why your business is deserving of attention.

Here are some tips for you to build your brand presence on social media.

Complete Your Social Media Profile

The primary step to building a brand on social media is completing your profiles with brand-related content in the form of images and links. 

Social Media Profile Picture 

Your profile picture is the main section of your business profile on social media. It has a vital role in creating a brand on social media. You have to sure all social media profile images sport your business logo. 

Your logo will build a sense of uniformity over all platforms and make it simple for users to recognize your business in search results.


The bio section should feature a summary of your business. Some social media platforms give more space for your bio information than others, but you do not need to overwhelm visitors when they first get to know your business. You need to limit your bio information to two or three sentences. 

Website Link 

To develop your social media branding plan, you need to bridge the gap between your social media presence and site. The most effective and easiest way to accomplish this goal is by providing a website link in your social media profiles. 

By connecting people on social media with your website, you are additionally illustrating the ability of your business’s brand. A homepage URL link is forever a good choice. You can also use feature landing pages or recent blog posts. 

Pick the Right Social Media Platforms


In the internet world, there are dozens of active social media platforms (like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram) available. Many businesses do not even identify where to start with their social media branding strategy.

Instead of spreading your time, energy, and investments thinly across too many platforms, it is better to find the right social media platform that fits your business.

Let us take an example: if you have a jewelry business, a social media platform that relies massively on visuals will work best for your branding purposes. In this instance, Pinterest and Instagram are the right choices.

You should consider each social media platform’s advantages and disadvantages, and after that, you should decide which social media platform suits your business needs.

Create Your Posting Schedule On Social Media

If you have picked the right social media platforms to grow your business, now it is time to create an effective social media posting schedule. 

Your social media posting schedule will dictate several things, including: 

  • What kinds of content do you post on your social media platforms?
  • How frequently do you post?
  • What time of the day do you post on social media channels?
  • What type of content do you include in the post?

These factors vary between different platforms. So, it is necessary to optimize your posts to touch as many users as possible while still staying faithful to your business brand.

You should maintain consistency in posting content and pick the right content, to help you to build your business brand in the eyes of users. 

Interact With Your Audience

Many business people do not get good results from their social media branding plan due to a lack of socializing. It is not enough to build a great profile and post valuable content consistently. You require to communicate and engage with your audience constantly. 

Social media companies compose their platforms to improve interaction. The more active you are, the more probable these social media platforms will promote your posts. Moreover, interacting with your fans confers current and potential followers that you are responsive, reliable, and credible. 

Here are a few tips for you to become more engaged with your audience: 

  • You should reply to all of the comments on your content
  • You need to comment on the content of your target audience

Integrate Website Into Social Media Presence

To increase your brand presence on social media, you have to uncover techniques for integrating your website into the social media platform. While social media allows some selling functionality, your website will persist as the superior converting engine. 

As we discussed already, the first approach businesses can decide to integrate their website with social media profiles is to use a link in the bio section.

Here are some additional effective strategies for connecting your social media fans with your website: 

  • Share blog posts routinely on your feed
  • Take benefit of other link opportunities on every platform
  • Add a call-to-action to inspire users to click those links 
  • Give a discount coupon code to people who tour your website  

Social media platforms are sturdy tools for reaching and interacting with potential clients. An effective social media branding plan can help your business successfully stand out from the crowd and provide value to its target audience. 

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