Twitter Launching Now 3 New Ways To Advertise

Twitter now introduces three New Ways to advertise. These new advertising products include website conversion optimization, dynamic product ads, and collection ads.

In a blog post, Twitter says these new ways to advertise on Twitter will drive mid- to lower-funnel results for advertisers and improve relevance for people. Are you thinking about running Twitter ads? If yes, these three ad products can help you drive better results. All these new ad products are now available globally.

In this article, you will learn how Twitter’s new ad products can increase website clicks and conversions this season and beyond.

#1. Website Conversions Optimization

Twitter explains the Website Conversions Optimization (WCO) ad option as a “major rebuild” of the conversion target. Website Conversions Optimization enhances lower-funnel website conversions, such as adding a thing to a shopping cart or finishing a buy.

Lower-funnel conversions refer to anything exceeding the initial click of an advertisement. Twitter’s new ads will optimize for those conversions using algorithms that target users with greater relevance. In testing, Twitter says this ad option can drive more target completions at a 25% lower cost-per-conversion than average.

#2 Dynamic Product Ads

Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) permit advertisers to display the most suitable product to the right buyer at the correct time to drive sales and conversions. These ads were first time presented in 2016 (At least a version ). But to maximize ad performance with perhaps fewer signals, this new update adds a more privacy-focused strategy. In testing, Twitter says dynamic product ads can improve cost-per-acquisition by 30-88%.


#3. Collection Ads

Collection ads permit advertisers to display numerous product photos through a preceding hero image and smaller thumbnail images underneath it. The collection ad unit is a mixture of a static photo ad and a carousel. The hero image remains in place, while users can swipe through the small photos at the bottom.

In testing, Twitter states collection ads can increase click-through rate by an average of 42% and grow conversions by impressions by an average of 54%.

Final Note

Despite laying off most of its employees, Twitter continues to roll out new ad modifications. But given that they had been in development for months, it is possible that these updates were already nearly finalized when Musk took control. The new ad features and options should be tested by advertisers who are still on Twitter to determine whether they are beneficial additions.


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