11 Proven Ways to Get High Quality Backlinks For Your Website

Do you want to make your website rank higher on Google? One of the best ways to do it is to build high quality backlinks.

Backlinks are links that point back to your site from other websites on the internet. These links will help people find and visit your site when they search for keywords related to what you offer or content on your site.

Here, we will share 11 proven ways to obtain high quality backlinks that will help to grow your website ranking.

#1. Write Guest Post

It is identical to creating content for your website. The only difference is that you need to follow someone else’s rules before you can publish it. If you choose to go in this direction, don’t worry about including links to your website within the content, most sites allow you to do so. You can request to include one link in your bio. If the website has a high enough profile, only one link for your website is enough.

#2. Follow Current News And Trends

Getting backlinks on trending topics and the latest news is an easy and quick way. When you publish articles on your website that are relevant to timely and popular topics, news websites, bloggers, and other fast-paced media outlets often link to your website. Additionally, if you have a strong point of view, it may encourage more people to link to your website as they want to comment on it and share your content with their audience.

The key in this situation is to move swiftly and publish your information online before other well-known websites respond. Through this, you can get the most links and visitors before the trend or news topic becomes oversaturated.

In your business or niche, you can also keep track of repeating news and trends that emerge each year. Then, you may create a piece of top-notch content in advance that can be immediately posted on your website as soon as that well-known event takes place.

#3. Create Quality Backlinks As Your Competitors

If your competitor is outranking you in the search engine results pages (SERPs), it may be because they have a better website link profile than you. So the simple strategy here is to create the same backlinks they have to enhance your SEO score. 

It is a quick technique to increase the quality of backlinks, but competitor research and outreach are necessary. Here are some points to follow:

  • Choose a post on your site that you want more backlinks to.
  • Select an SEO tool that helps you to examine your competitor’s backlink profiles. SemrushMoz and Ahrefs are the top tools for this task.
  • Look for a site with higher SEO metrics.
  • Publish fresh content just as in-depth and comprehensive as the competitor’s post.
  • Contact the referring website owner and ask if they will link to your web page in the post.

Or you can also hire a backlink builder agency (Like RAKSAV) for this task.

#4. Create Long-form Content

Make something valuable if you want others to link to your article. The ideal type of content for this is lengthy materials like e-books, white papers, guides, and skyscraper articles.

#5. Build Interactive Content to Gain Quality Backlinks

Without performing a lot of outreach, interactive content is the right way to increase the number of backlinks. The website will receive more organic internet shares as more people find and like your interactive material.

#6. Make Links On YouTube

Do you want to build your brand and take advantage of every free opportunity to increase visibility for your content? Starting a YouTube channel is a must-have digital marketing technique that is beneficial. You can place your website link in the description of each video you upload.

Repurposing your current blog posts and articles into video material is a straightforward method for optimizing videos for search engine results. Then, in the YouTube descriptions, link back to those blog posts.

#7. Get Interviewed

Here is how to increase the exposure of your business while obtaining high-quality do-follow backlinks from other authorities in your sector.

Ask to be interviewed on well-known podcasts and YouTube channels by getting in touch with them. Many of these broadcasters are actively looking for interesting guests to include, so if you can add something worthwhile to their listeners’ lives, they will allow you to appear on their show and link to your website in the show notes.

#8. Design Useful Infographics For Backlinks

Infographics are graphic visual depictions of knowledge, statistics, or information to convey information quickly. Infographics with valuable content and an interactive design can help build high-quality links.

You can showcase the information from your original study indicated in the preceding tip or create infographics using published blog posts and articles. Once you complete the infographic, you can submit it to infographic submission websites, post it on your website, share it on social media, and get in touch with other bloggers to ask them to post it and link back to it.

#9. Ask Your Readers to Give You a Backlink

You can get plenty of new backlinks from your existing audience by asking for them. If you are active on social media, have a lot of connections, or have an email list in your industry, a simple request for a link to your site could be all it takes to gain a quality backlink to your website.

#10. Reclaim Brand Mentions

Sometimes, People will refer to your company or brand name in an article without including a link to your website. An unlinked brand reference may present a chance to get a quality backlink to your homepage.

#11. Earn Quality Backlinks From Google

Last but not least, did you realize that indexable resources like Google Docs, Sheets, My Maps, Calendar, and others can help you gain high-authority backlinks from Google directly? The best part is that some of these links carry the highest PageRank value for SEO because they are do-follow links. You can also use Google properties to make quality backlinks from Google’s own trusted sites.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there are several different ways to get high quality backlinks. In this post, we discussed 11 proven ways to gain quality backlinks. All the above methods are effective and can help to increase your website’s visibility in search engines. Before we go, it is crucial to mention that not all backlinks have the same value. The tips in this article will help you to get high-quality backlinks organically.

It is in direct contrast with buying links and other black hat SEO tactics, which can get your website penalized by search engines. Therefore, if you are looking for a long-term plan to raise your website’s ranking, concentrate on producing top-notch content and developing connections with other websites.

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